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Quod Possidet Per Vulpem [closed rp]


In a cruelly affectionate gesture, he brought her wrist to his smirking mouth and very gently brushed his lips against the new V. Then he reached for the aloe and dabbed a bit on the tips of his fingers, very gently rubbing it over her entire wrist (maybe it would help her tattered skin, too).

A shaking little breath escaped her at the tiniest kiss. That hurt. That hurt more than the branding itself. It was unexpected. The aloe soothed what his lips had stirred up and Olivia made an appreciative noise.

She gave a little huff, trying to compose herself. Olivia watched him, brows furrowed as color creeped back into her cheeks. “Does this make you happy?”

Quod Possidet Per Vulpem [closed rp]


Swiftly he pulled the rod from the fire and pressed the tip to her wrist, holding it there for a count of three and then tossing the metal to the sand to cool. “There.” On her wrist, a red V was stamped.

It didn’t hurt as much as she had anticipated. Not that it didn’t hurt at all. Drawing her wrist close to her, she traced the edge of the burn without really touching it. Crap.

This was most definitely fairly permanent, wasn’t it?

Quod Possidet Per Vulpem [closed rp]


He considered her question, weighed her fear. Brands certainly were no walk in the park and it would likely sting against her irritated skin. With surprising gentleness he took her wrist in his hand and ran a finger against the mangled skin there. “It will hurt quite a bit,” he admitted. “But it will hurt less than any violation to your body.”

His hand reached over to grasp at the metal rod. “Would you like me to do it now?”

Her cheeks flushed slightly at his touch.

"Yes, just get it over with." She said with a huff. Ugh, biting her lip, she turned away feeling like a child receiving a shot. If you don’t look it won’t hurt nearly half as bad… Right?

Quod Possidet Per Vulpem [closed rp]


From the trunk he also pulled a bag with various jars of first-aid materials. He took out a roll of bandages and a small container of aloe and gave these to Olivia to hold. “Come then.”

He led her to one of the many fires around camp and placed the tip of the branding rod into the flames. “Which of your wrists is less mangled today?”

"Mm.." She followed him, thumb tracing the lip of the container. Her stomach felt so fluttery as her feet kicked up tiny puffs of dust as they walked along. It was too late to back out. Clearly. They were also all but sitting down the redhead feeling nauseated as he gave her a choice of wrist.

She glanced at them quickly, holding out her left wrist. “This one’s less irritated.” Her lips drew into a thin line. “How bad will this hurt?” In retrospect that was a fairly stupid question, but it was already out now.


*Alexus would have appreciated her look had he caught it, but he was too busy flipping through the pages* I think it may take a long time. I do not know some of these words… *He didn’t know a lot of them actually*

And there is a lot said in every sentence… But I am already excited to read it. *His smile could be seen in his eyes*

I’m so glad. *She wanted to take his hand and give it a squeeze, but resisted opting to just smile harder. Geeze, she was acting silly.*

I have to go for now, but I really hope you enjoy it!

*And with that she slipped away.*


*That smile…* Ok…

*He accepted the book once she returned, raising his goggles so he could see it more clearly* Frank-en-stein. Mary Sh—

A woman wrote this?

Yessssss. *She looked eagerly at him, though she hesitated for a moment.*

It’s good. I have another book I can share with you after. And don’t feel rushed, I have all the time in the world to wait for you to return it. 

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